Bdesign Baby walker,with Music, Strollers with Brakes at The Bottom, Baby Walkers, Baby Anti-o-Legs,Guard against Rollover Multifunctional Trolley


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Model: 12801682
Product Name: Baby WalkerPlastic material: PP food grade polypropyleneSupport material: anodized aluminumFabric material: linen fiberSuitable age: 6-18 monthsBody height: 46-51cmSuitable for height: 60-95cmOval panel width: 46-51cmOval chassis width: 62-66cmWheel diameter: 5cmNet weight: 2.5kgService: If you have any questions about the product, please email us, we will answer you as soon as possible within 24 hours
❤ The teacher who learns the first step of the baby, makes the step so easy; with music(Batteries need to be purchased by yourself), with anti-collision chassis, refusing O-legs
❤ Double brake device, the double brake design is simple and fast, prevents the baby from moving around, can let the baby sit in the car to eat, with shock absorption
❤ The all-round breathable cushion is more dry. The large bottom ring with a diameter of 62-66cm has been polished in multiple layers, which will not scratch the baby's tender skin.
❤ Silent universal rubber wheel, the universal wheel adopts rubber material with strong abrasion resistance, which can better adhere to the ground, multiple protection, and prevent rollover
❤ Food-grade material plate, clean and environmentally friendly, easy to clean, wipe and clean, increase waist circumference, fat baby can also sit down